As well as our catalogue, we’re also keen to make some of our zines accessible to read online. We have currently produced two online zines, which you can read below.

Zine in a Day 2020

In April 2020, Edinburgh Zine Library was due to run a ‘zine in a day’ workshop at the Edinburgh Central Library. This was, like all events, cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Instead, we ran our very first online collaborative zine project, collecting submissions online through email and on social media. The theme of the zine was ‘windows’ as a way of reflecting on our new largely indoor life during lockdown. This zine is the culmination of this workshop and can be read here: https://issuu.com/edzinelib/docs/zine_in_a_day

We also have a plain text version to download here:

Just and Green Recovery Zine

Many of us faced job and housing insecurity before coronavirus hit, and one in five households in Scotland were living in poverty. We were, and are, in a climate crisis that is devastating communities here and around the world.
Between 4th-11th November people across Scotland came together to demand a recovery plan that protects workers, invests in our public services, addresses inequality, is serious about climate action and more in a Week of Action.
At Edinburgh Zine Library, we asked to hear about your experiences before and during the pandemic, and asked you to imagine what a better Scotland might look like. The following pages include the four prompts we used to ask users on Twitter and Instagram what a just and green Scotland meant to them.
We received feedback on a wide range of experiences, including joblessness, period poverty and building alternative economies. What follows is a collation of the submissions we received, presented here as a digital zine.

You can read this zine here: https://issuu.com/edzinelib/docs/just_and_green_recovery_zine_pdf