We welcome submissions of zines on any topic. There is no selection policy so as long as your work is self-published we will include it in the Library, although we reserve the right to discuss in our group and veto work we consider goes against our safe spaces agreement – which extends from our collective to the zine library itself.

We cannot currently pay for your zines (although we hope this will change one day) but we hope you will think about submitting in the spirit of zine making – plus, it will increase your readership! If you include a self addressed envelope, we can send you one of our rad badges! (Pictured right)

Once your zine has been received we will catalogue it online and it will be available to our users in the Library. If you decide at any point that you want to remove your zine from the collection, we can’t guarantee that we can return it, but of course we can take it out of the physical/digital catalogue.

If you are submitting a zine or several, we’d really appreciate if you would fill in this google form. It’s just to give us an idea of what your zine is about, and also what copyright you want on it. There’s a handy guide to the Creative Commons license available to you on the form – if you have any questions please email us at:

Just pop your zines in the post to:

Edinburgh Zine Library,
Edinburgh Central Library,
7-9 George IV Bridge,
 EH1 1EG, UK

Edinburgh Based Zinesters:

We have a submission box for people who live in and around Edinburgh situated in the Art and Design Library at Edinburgh Central Library.

Drop in your zines and remember to fill our and submission form (attached to the side of the filing cabinet) and take a badge from the pot!


NOTE: We’re currently dealing with a large backlog of uncatalogued zines.  As a result, it may take a while for your zine to make it into the library. This is in part to do with our new online cataloguing system (check it out here) Thanks for understanding!